Dirty Dicks, Sauce Hot Green Pepper Peachy, 5 Fl Oz


A sweet and tangy blend of green peppers, fruit and spices for an unusual blend ideal on lighter foods that could use some full-on flavor.


Dick’s Latest! Peachy Green Hot Pepper Sauce: A Blend Of Farm Fresh Serrano And Jalapeno Peppers, Vine Ripened Peaches Perfectly Blended With Honey, Vanilla, Lemon, Lime & Pineapple Juices, Brown Sugar, Fresh Ground Spices And Wait For It! Saffron. Quality Product Made In Vermont With Natural Ingredients.Great on eggs, on fish tacos and chicken!!!

Ingredients : Fresh serrano and jalapeno peppers, peaches, bell peppers, vinegar, fresh scallions, honey, lemon, lime, and pienapple juices, brown sugar, exotic spices, vanilla, saffron.


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