Howler Monkey Sauce – Original


Howler Monkey Original is a nod to the traditional Panamanian-style hot sauce with a tangy vinegar base and scotch bonnet peppers.


Howler Monkey Original is a traditional Aji Chombo hot sauce specific to the country of Panama. Just the right heat and flavor to enhance just about any dish without overpowering it. If heat is what you’re after, try the Howler Monkey Hot. It has the same great flavor but with the heat kicked up a notch. Aji Chombo is a traditional Panamanian Style hot sauce heavily influenced by the Caribbean. The Aji Chombo (Scotch Bonnet) pepper was first used in Panama by the Antilleans who settled there from various Caribbean Islands. The hot sauces they created from these peppers are typically vinegar based and are commonly referred to as Aji Chombo or Chombo Picante. You will find Aji Chombo on most restaurants in Panama, especially those on the Atlantic Coast where the Antillean descendants make up the majority of the population. There are many different variations as each restaurant and individual has their own special recipe. You can use Aji Chombo on just about anything. Use it to liven up any dish, add it to soup or use it as a marinade. Unlike most habanero hot sauces, the Aji Chombo hot sauce starts off with a burn that turns into a blast of flavor.

Ingredients: distilled vinegar, red scotch bonnet peppers, garlic, onions, mustard (distilled vinegar, # 1 mustard seed, salt, turmeric, spices), cumin, black pepper, turmeric


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