Pain is Good Batch #218 Louisiana Style Hot Sauce, 7 Ounce


Pain is good batch #218 Louisiana style hot sauce-deep in the bayou on the edge of the swamp, gators sun, crawfish boil and toffee simmers. It was there that Cajun hot sauce was born of cayenne and tabasco peppers, where the term ‘coonas’ meant french heritage and hot food.


Batch #218 ”Louisiana Style” Hot Sauce is a smoky Louisiana-style hot sauce made from Cayenne and Habanero peppers. The story goes that Bubba is the name of the kid on the label, and Bubba’s grandpappy made two kinds of mash down in Louisiana: whisky and Cayenne. This hot sauce may not cause you to go blind like Bubba’s grandpappy’s moonshine might, but it’ll burn your mouth just the same.


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